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Welcome to Yooper Webcam

Welcome to YooperWebcam with live webcam views of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

YooperWebcam produces high definition webcam views in the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. Our mission is to establish a dense network of live webcams for real time views of weather, nature, highways, lakes, rivers, golf courses, and more. YooperWebcam was started 2021 based out of our operations in Old Pentoga Michigan, and Crystal Falls Michigan.
Absolute Computer Design in Denver Colorado and North Country Website Design in Crystal falls are developing this regional production. The website is a meant to be a tool to feature current weather, tourism and travel information. Quick and easy tools to get to Maps, Recreation Area Status, Road & Traffic Conditions, and links to Other Upper Peninsula – Northern Wisconsin resources.

Our main production in Colorado, www.coloradowebcam.net has been developed to over 100 live webcams and is continuing to grow.

If you would like to add your business and view to our production, please reach out, we are motivated to add more sites, and webcams are a powerful marketing tool for your business, or just share your Northwoods view. We need internet and power to deploy a live webcam.

www.coloradotv.net is our next level of production.  In Colorado TV we deliver the webcams to you automatically with a live tour of Colorado.   You will send this to your biggest TV and watch a TV channel of live webcams in Colorado.  There are about 100 of them and a loop can take several hours.

This is a labour of love that has turned into costly production.  The webcams all require a relationship with the host site.  The webcams are expensive and consume a lot of bandwidth which equals the high cost of monthly streaming.  We produce our webcams free of charge to the host site in most cases, as we are eager to grow.  If you are interested in the powerful marketing value of public webcam views, contact us to talk about your host site.  Your host site should have good Internet to live to stream a webcam.  We install webcams at private homes as well as businesses that are willing to join our COLORADOWEBCAM network and share their views.


The Natural Beauty of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Our services

Live Webcams & Surveillance

It was almost 20 years ago when fast internet started to proliferate US countryside and streaming a live view of cameras became possible from remote corners of USA was when our founder fell in love with Live Video streaming. And that is the core of our business till date. We install, maintain and live stream cameras for businesses, residences and govt.

Live Surveillance for Govt. Agencies

Our over 20 years of expertise makes us a valuable resource to LAW & Enforcement and different govt agencies. In the years past, we have installed traffic cameras with DVR at different locations which are prone to accidents. We have installed Live webcams in cities to boost their tourism. We have installed and provided maintenance for new and existing traffic cameras.

Sponsor a Live Webcam

Sponsor a live webcam at your business location or sponsor an already active live webcam nearest to your business location. And get the live webcam page on our websites dedicated to your business as well as get on our very popular "Helpful Links" page. Familiarizing new customers with your business as well as driving new customers to your business.

Commemorate your loved one's

Have a new member in the family? Or recently lost a member of your family? You can commemorate one of our scenic webcams to their name. And we will dedicate that webcam page to your loved ones remembering their life and achievements.